28 June 2010 – BAD WEEK?

unfortunately, yes. not juz a bad day but a bad week.

monday, 28 june was d worst of all. it all juz happened one aft another. dd > $ issue > trust? > staff > tickets?! > d top person > … i think got a few more…worst of all…i felt so disregarded! wtf! and within 4 mths, i’ve lost my cool der.

recover overnite? not alwaz.  juz like some ppl. for me, for some issues, i can…i cld. but well…yah…same color hair…but d heart all different.

and den, i thot d game should be over soon. by d look of it, its still not. and i think, i am in d real game nw. seeing more of true colors too. someone said “take it slow. no rush. get to know d ppl well first. u nv noe who r ur frens…who r ur foes.” i agree. but i think i cant wait. i hv to do wat i can. time will not help me dis time.

dis life – is full of pretence. der’s fake ppl arnd. and i’m surrounded by many! suckers! hate dem!

but like abah alwaz said – work smart. i remember.


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