bad day

my mind is unstable now. really. i need to settle down. i need to calm myself.

1) totally forgot abt my car loan. and its overdue. it wasn’t my fault totally. i swear! to stop d naggings & further accusations – i’ll hop on a long term solution. period.  2) waited almost 30mins for a parking lot to buy supplements for someone. finally got d lot; away for less than 6mins to get ’em and i almost got a summon! 3) arrowed for smthing which was not meant for me…if i din read wrongly. probably its a test. fine! i’ll do it. 4) baby got hit! altho not major, i still feel for it. baby is scarred.

wat shld i do? smthing is bothering me so much. i haven been slpg well and feeling proper for d past few nites since d relaxing trip. dis is seriously unhealthy.

like i was told – i have to organise my thots.


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