Upset because of work

ya…again. by d same fool. d same dog.

work is making me feel very unhappy lately. ppl are juz watching silently. more than 10 ppl are watching d episodes.  i’m suffering d most. all dey ever say is “dun bother abt him”, “relax”, “take it easy”…so easy for them to say. dey are not me. dey dun understand. dey dun feel wat i feel. hence dey can dun bother/relax/take it easy.

and wat else should i wait for? how long more is d wait? wat is next? wat will u do…? i guess, if no one helps, i’ll do it myself. i cnt let myself lie so low to be humiliated anymore! der’s a level to my tolerance! it’s been long enough.

if i get no help, u wun get mine either. i’ll think thoroughly now….to make a choice. my choice could be victory to one…but will not be for long. i promise.

stop barking at me dog! i’m not a dog like u!


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