8 July 2009

The day i turned a year older. But its not about d numbers. I totally forgot about it. I felt younger though. Coz i was given a smashing, blasting birthday from d kids!!!

My Applause To The Actors/Actresses

My Applause To The Actors/Actresses

Actors/Actresses? Indeed. Dey all were. I was duped…on my bday eve. And i was like so naive laa..to believe dem 100%. It didn’t cross my mind dat i was tricked…or scammed…watever u wan to call it. Their “plan” was executed at 6plus before the actual day. Oh…in fact, it kick-start from a msn msg…

Long long story laa…all i could say now is:

It was so well planned. I din see any loopholes. Mayb i was really naive? No…no traces at all. It was flawless!

By d way, d actual day began pretty well. Perfect high-tea. D two-some moment. Heh! And i din noe d “plan” was in the process laa. I love d window shopping we had. Thanks to U whom had made it pretty.

Wat if i had switched off my hp dat day? It was continuously beeping. And every beep, could be a possible heart-attack moment for me! Without a doubt!

Imagine getting heart-attacks and “not able to come” msgs as u go along. Hw was i supposed to be feeling? I was already dragging my feet laa. Almost cursing them abit for not giving both of us face. But i had to give credit to d “Planner” cum “Lead Actress”.  And so i wen. Still wearing my best appreciated smile.

And den…

Tadaaa! I was tricked!!!

I had not one surprise. I had plenty! And it came one after another! How abt dat?! Thank GOD i dun suffer from any hyper-tensions. An yes..i really meant SURPRISES!

1. Those ppl whom were supposed to NOT make it…were ALL PRESENT.

2. I cant believe Kit & Fel were roped in!

YM Kakis! One missing though.

YM Kakis! One missing though.

3. My Favourite LANA Cake!

Classic Surprising Moment

Classic Surprising Moment

Blessed Feeling Moment

Blessed Feeling Moment

Yay! Cut cake!

Yay! Cut cake!

4. Their “Plan” was a “Scam”! (it affected me badly…from d night before sia)

5. The Perfect Beautiful Prezzie from a bunch of Lovely People

Posing wif my new prezzie

Posing wif my new prezzie

Aaawwwww….they all very sweeeet laa! I’m sooo touched! I feel sooo appreciated! I feel sooo blessed! Speechless.

My HEARTFELT THANKS to ALL who has made it a Blasting 2009 Birthday for me.

Right till this day, i can clearly remember wat took place on 8 July 2009.

I cldn’t have asked for more. It was such a pleasant surprise. It was beautiful.


**Afternotes: The birthday entry will not end here. There are more yet to come. Stay tuned for more stories. In d process of getting copyright issues to d actual ‘scam’!


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