Bali Adventure Trip

DSC_0732Been der years ago…din realli like it. It was many many years ago…even b4 d bombing…

But it has changed. Nice. (altho those irritating pest are almost everywhere…thank GOD der wasn’t any in d rooms. Phew!)

But well…its a fulfilling trip dis time. Adventure trip as its called. Thanks Mun for suggesting and putting it all together. You gave us d opportunity to run a tour agency! And i think we did it great! POWER!!!

And so it began…


 These are only part of d many many photos taken. Check it out on facebook for more!

Bringing a group of 27 ppl is no joke. But they are great.  I kinda miss them now. They are a good mix of ppl…and are all very sporting and fun!

Dis trip made me discover smthing. Hee. Nice thing. Nice feeling. Heh!

Ok…all in all…it was all good!



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