3 Days of Slacking = *PINCH*

For a moment, i thought i was quite free this week. No mtgs…no discussions…no appointments…no dates…Yeahhh!!! So happy…so free…*peace*

From monday-wednesday…i simply did wat was on my to-do list. As long as i finish them by d end of d day, i leave ofc smiling. Occasionally, i’ll take breaks in between to chat, to crap…walk walk abit…take some fresh hot air (???) out der…

Thursday – errrghhh! Some man out der are simply I_ _ _ _ A _ING! I tink most men…their brain is down der. Spoil my afternoon! Stooopid u!

Den…another INC_ _ _ _ _ _ BLE man…no…he should still be a boy! A 30 over years old..acting like a 15 years old! He is a goner. All i can say about him is…TRY HARDER!

Let’s forget about d 2 dudes. @$%#^%!

As i was going through my emails…clearing dem…i see myself sinking into d seat deeper and deeper. Alamak! Got alot to follow-up la dey! Shucks! Imagine i was happily taking my own sweet time d past few days…happy go lucky…slack slack…*faints*

Now i have less than 2 weeks to settle all! Else i can’t continue my next journey in peace…ok ok! Time to focus! Let’s not get into d holiday mode yet.


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