This Week’s Happenings

Almost a week back from holidays…still no time in hand to upload photos & review.

Rest one day…

Switched to office mode: Werk werk werk…discussions…meetings…then, fell sick.

Exercise abit…hee! Feels good. Still sick.

Became a tour guide for a day. Leisure Go-Kart (for me) *smilez* I’m proud of d little ones. Dey are more responsible now. I think dey are quite lovable too. *grinz* Thumbs Up! Still a sicko.

Sunday sucks abit. Especially d morning. Some ppl is simply freaking rude. Neva look at herself in d mirror. Tsk tsk!Rude woman! The day gets better as my screw wen loose … with some alike-minded company, it wen looser! Haha!

Now i’m wondering. Am i such a clown to some? Some ppl juz cnt stop laughing looking at me. Is it my face…or wat? Especially tonite…i think i entertained her till she zonked out!

And i’ve not fully recovered.


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