The Wedding

Reluctantly, i accompanied mum to her ex-student’s wedding. Supposed to be awhile oni coz its d nite before d actual invitation.

When we got der, its so packo! Cars along d road next to d multi-purpose hall. Den I saw a National Footballer & her Suria Star wifey…den i asked mum “Eh u got d correct address not? Dis one like some star wedding la! Got angmohs…got blacks all.”

Den she saw d bride’s mum. Ok. Correct. Den i saw ppl autograph-ing on a jersey.

When we walked in, I saw loads of our National Footballers laa. So d bridegroom muz be one of dis guys laa. Bingo!

Wedding was quite grand laa. I’m impressed wif d deco. Simple yet elegant. Combination of black, white and a little bit of magenta – chandeliers hung – nice decorated platform leading to the wedding dais. And a 2-piece acoustic – wif Suria singer enhancing the atmosphere. The gift was also quite unique. It was an ideal wedding.

Den…i told mum to take note of the name of the deco co., in case i’m getting married ;p

She asked, “When?!”



8 Responses to “The Wedding”

  1. eh eh eh.. when’s bud bud’s BIG DAY ah? ;p

  2. Eh… that was my mum’s cousin’s daughter’s wedding….such a small world……

  3. aishraz Says:

    hahhahahahhhaha. when ah.

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