1st Stop: 10 Apr – 11 Apr

…my journey begins…




i dun like ferry trip – – -> Batam


6 Responses to “1st Stop: 10 Apr – 11 Apr”

  1. eh eh eh.. my 1st stop juz over.. bet u & i looking fwd to 2nd stop.. 😉

  2. whr did u stay? may setle for it if i cant find aniwhr else to go durin the may day holi…..

    • Liyun Jie Jie – I stayed at Pacific Palace (S’porean owned). I will recommend that. I’ll post some photos for u to see k.

  3. Oh! My friend stayed there too. Q new with disco one right? She din reali like that ley… hehe… guess coz her room was near the disco or what, then q rowdy… ;p
    k, post pixs for me. I may consider… .;)

    • u ask her y she dun like. did she stay right above the disco? hee! i dun hear anythin at all wen i was at the restaurant (which was quite close to d disco) at 11pm.

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