Wat’s On My Mind?

Ultimate Value Box from KFC – Was it juz too little or i have a super great appetite? It simply doesnt satisfy my hunger. Oh…i badly wanted a drumstick but i asked for wing. When i see a wing in d box, i was cursing d gal who took my order. Den I realised dat i said wing instead of drumstick. Wats on my mind?? Anwe, I had to dig for other snacks after dinner. I eat alot – i know. Bud bud says i’m a growing child. Haa! And…i had rice for supper. Madness laa.

But a colleague and grl juz commented, “U’ve lost weight leh…can see from ur face. y ah?” Did i?? All i know is i keep gorging myself. keke! I enjoy love eating. I alwaz tell myself that i live to eat…not vice versa. Life is short. Watever i wan to eat, i better do so.

Oh…hurt my right foot today. Y so careless?! Duno wat was i thinking of. Damn. I cnt even step on the accelerator properly. Hope i wun wake up to see an elephant foot. Urrgghh!

FB is down. Time to slp…


2 Responses to “Wat’s On My Mind?”

  1. You are lucky that you can eat a lot and not put on weight. Enjoy it 🙂

    • aahhh…i really hope i’m dat lucky one la. it does occur to me smtimes dat i mite juz xplode to death one day…coz i cnt control myself ;p

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