The Workplace

For once, d old factory look alike building along Bukit Batok St 31 became a hotspot for photographs. Aunties, uncle, little kids posing sia…even diners at d coffeeshop were also taking photos from their mobile phone…some even have their digital camera with them. (i carry dem around too! haha!)

Of coz i din give it a miss. It was beautiful. 

The 2nd Layer

The 2nd Layer

At another angle
If you got good eyesight, you can see 2 layers here.  

Can see not?

 Let me share some good stuff.

The bakery behind my office….hmmm…WALAAA! All the bread so sedappp! Yummy!!! D way it’s doughed, shaped, baked, glazed…it’s so tempting! D bread alwaz so shiny shiny…big big…round round…long long…watever shape u wan, dey have it laa! And its cheap. Got promo somemore…$1/each. And today, i was given a receipt. Aunty said “Keep d receipts k. Collect until $100/- den get voucher.” Neighbourhood bakery noe…not those high-end like in shopping ctr…good rite.

Hmmm…u’ll be hearing me having bread often *smilez*

~ Kaya Cheese ~ Sweet Potato ~ Curry Bun ~ Tapioca ~ Cheese Hotdog ~ Otak Bun ~ Yam ~ many many more ~


2 Responses to “The Workplace”

  1. haha, factory look-a-like. tell that to you boss man.. ;p
    I missed the salad chicken rice and the chicken rice at B373… yummy!

    the bread sounds nice. home delivery to me! 🙂

    • no nd tell him. it has got to his ears…and he sort-of agreed :p u missing d food?? come bac laa! bread doesnt juz sound nice…it taste real good!

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