Could have been better.

Last night was…an experience. Even Jie Jie said i have the bored face. Mayb, it’s d duty. Nehmind.

But well…i enjoyed looking @ people. D way they move, jump, shake, etc…and some really danced well. Cool! Also, d many many sleazy moments which was “aired” for d rest to see. Keke!

DJ Sassy P was good. Loved her set. Those pumping music – Power!

Luckily, der were ppl around for me to interact & groove wif occasionally. Else, i guess even the redbull wun work ;p

Overall, City Alive! was not too bad. Mite consider attending d next year. Altho it gives me a lil’ ache. Hehe!

Oh! Der’s one more thing dat i enjoyed watching! *SMILEZ*

But still, … as d title says…


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