2008 going 2009

I’ve wanted to blog about d  happenings in 2008. But I thot it will be abit too long & too detailed for my readers. So i decided to juz keep it wif me.

Let’s juz summarise it in one word: Roller Coaster.

Oh! 2008 was really a year of spending. BIG SPENDING i mean! Tsk tsk. My own $ anwe. Heck! As usual travelled as for normal…but i have to redeem myself for one of d trips. Else, i’ll be haunted by it.

And yup…i had a fun New Year’s Eve – performing @ my werking place  & of course a good countdown wif Bud, Jie Jie & Cuzzy 🙂 It was loads of laughter. Partying, grooving to d cool music & loads of nonsense dat we talked about. Haaa!

Me In Action

Me In Action

One pose for d camera!

One pose for d camera!

Another pose for d nite

Another pose for d nite

Anyways…i welcomed 2009 wif a good buy. Heee!

Additon to my collections!

Addition to my collections!

This buy concludes my wish list! Woooohoooo!!! So happy! I’ve got myself 2 new pair of LEVI’s jeans, 2 new NIKE tops (compliments to Bud & Jie Jie), NIKE Dunk Low (left pic), & the Baby G watch. One whole new set sey! *Doing d John Travolta pose* keke!
And for d New Year…Mum’s finally back! I’m not Home Alone anymore. Yipppeee! 1st event of d year went well too. Yeay!
Den…now…i’m falling sick. Damn! I have a few more stuffs lined-up for me over all d weekends in Jan la dey. Cannot be weak! I have to get well! Let’s fight d germs!!!

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