The Strawberry Story

~ Morning of 31 Dec 2008 ~

I was offered bread for breakfast from one of Ma’ Angels. My 1st qns to her: “Wat’s d spread? If jam, I dowan. Hee!” Dis angel has alwaz been patient wif my antics. *Grinz* She bothered to remove d bread from d plastic and check for me. She said, “Ahh..think u can’t have it. It’s one side butter, one side jam.”

The jam story begins.

Told her dat in my entire life, I’ve neva tasted any flavours of jam. Strawberry, Blueberry, Blackcurrant, Apricot, etc. If its called jam, it’s not my spread. To d extend –  Where cakes made with blueberry, blackcurrant, etc, I swear I will not have it. Really.

Someone ever asked me why. I said I dun like. She den asked if I’ve tasted before. I said no. Den she said, if u’ve not tasted it before, how do u know whether u’ll like it or not? *knocks* She got a point eh…but still – neva before.

And yes…even ice cream with strawberry swirls, i will not have it. Raisins – No no. Cherries – No no.

Angel commented “Susah betul anak sorang nie…”

~ Evening of 31 Dec 2008 ~

Met-up wif Bud to go for countdown. She took out a plastic bag and said, “Jie Jie bought dis for u. High Grade one.”

I looked into d plastic bag. Tadaaa!

Really High Grade. Can smell d sweetness!

Really High Grade. Can smell d sweetness!

*Beamz*  Thank U Jie Jie! Thank U Bud for passing it to me.
When I got home later in d wee hours…I took out d strawberries and stared at it like i’ve neva seen one before. I meant, I’ve neva seen one so upclosed. The berries looked so freshed, so red, so juicy, so tempting (yes..for once, it really looked tempting to me!) I thot i’ll fridge it 1st. I really do feel like trying one. But i dowan to do it alone. Let’s wait for a few more days. Heee!
Well…u ppl muz be thinking “it’s only strawberries la dey!. I make it sound like its some kind of authentic fruit! Keke!
Will my 1st try make me change to become a berry person? I wonder.  

One Response to “The Strawberry Story”

  1. Weird!! I didn’t know that about you and don’t keep those strawberries too long in the fridge.

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