What Have I Been Up To?

Upset – over the previous entry? Yes I am…Still. Bleah!

Since d last entry, i’ve been doing quite abit of everythin. The coolest was to get d time to really chill wif bud bud & jie jie. Dat nite – i thot was really nice! I juz loved d walking, eating, chatting, enjoying d cool breeze @ Esplanade, more chats, coffee-ing & d unexpected Q&A. Heee! But it was good laa. Some reflections, sharing & learning points. Bud bud! Let’s have more of those sessions!

Over d weekends, i got some free basic photoshop lessons. Now i noe d wonders of Adobe Photoshop. Amazing! I was a total dumbo on it previously. Abit of here & der now is possible. Yeay! Something to be proud of 😛

Ahhh…to avoid dat “home alone” feel, i actually squeezed alot of  appointments. Errr…Someone had actually waited for 6 mths to get me!  Finally, yst, we met 🙂 Alot of catching up done. Pretty good. And i was told before we parted that i should not go missing. “Keep In Touch!” Ok ok…u noe where to get me wat…

Besides being a nanny for a couple of days, i’ve been through some sickening, unwanted, irritating adventures at home. Ggrrrr! I’m all armed!

My Arms!

My Arms!

The Trap!

The Trap!

I’m getting very paranoid abt dat damn thing crawling into/around my house! I juz cnt stand d sight of dem! Thank GOD! I found a friend, and made new friends cum pest busters! Thank you!!! Oh ya…nothing beats the arms & the trap!

My 3am Angels!

Awesome! My 3am Angels!

 Well…yea…alot of other things happened also…which i’m not too keen to share about.

Let it be juz me .



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