1st Mission Accomplished! Thank you – My ANGELS!

It’s 1.45am. I saw u! Damn it! Who can i call??

I activated a few ppl…even informed my mum who is like far far away. No replies. One replied though. Told me it wun disturb & will go away. Sorry, i dun buy dat. No..i will neva ever buy dat.

I called one of my twins. As usual, she laughed it off. But i managed to get her to come to my rescue. She was like 40km away from me. She was @ Terminal 3 Airport. But yes – she came! She came with 2 more frens. I’m freaking glad dey came.

I lay still on my bed till dey arrived @ 3.00am. I had all d weapons ready. ATTACK!

The ANGELS did it. I was standing about 5 metres away from dem. The ANGELS were tremendous! Swift & perfect! Unbelievable! One of dem took dat damn thing wif her bare hands! *Faints*

GOD knows wat will happen to me without dem. I duno how more to thank dem. Although dey were full of laughters for me…i’ll let dem laugh. I still have like 3 more weeks to stay alone. Might activate dem again.

Eerrrr…Will u gals come to my rescue again?


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