Uninvited. Unwanted.

Juz bac frm d short trip.

And, d damn uninvited guest was seen. Damn! I wan it out! I wan it dead! I cnt do it myself. I cnt…shucks!

I alwaz think for others…but when i need help, …none.



6 Responses to “Uninvited. Unwanted.”

  1. whowhowho!
    can we catchycatchyup soon.
    i miss going lunch with you at the indian place beside the cc! or the superdeeduper good salted egg prawn thingy… mmm.

    • who? damn bloody cicak laaa! irritating! Eeeeeeee! lunch can….but d indian plc closed oreadi leh…if d salted egg prawn den hv to be dinner 🙂

    whyyyyyyyyyyy. :\

    ey. i can kill cicak for u lah.

  3. hahahha. tak. geli lipas ajer!

  4. its d other way round for me..

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