Thursday – 11 Dec 2008

A day which seems to pass by very fast…but feels very long to reach night time…wat am i saying?? *Crap*

Got a glimpse of d expanded Jurong Point – Looks good. Like Vivo oreadi. A few shops relocated though. No nd go Orchard now.  Muz go survey survey.

Witness a road bully incident. With “P” plate somemore wan to action. Crazy! Jam up d road and got other drivers stucked. Grrrrrr!

Den…met d expected & unexpected. Which do i prefer? Duno. Hard to say. Expected – Feel bad laaa 😦 Did i mess it up? I dun mean it. Really. Sorry. *sigh* Unexpected – No comment.

Saw a man fell coz of d wet weather. Near d steps somemore. Tsk tsk. Where are d cleaners at dat moment?? No signage to warn of slippery floor? Colleagues at HQ…be careful k.

Met a weird aunty at d cake shop. Ran after me to ask y d difference of $1 for d same cake. Haa!

Delivered d cake. Shocked & touched. At least i did smthing good today 🙂

Den…d mind wen uneasy…unsettled. My little voice said, “Do u need to be so fierce? I apologized…” But its all up to you right…life is sooo unfair.

In ofc, aaahhhh…so demotivated nowadays. Sian. Not a gd sign. I know. I’m troubled.

Had my 1st meal of d day @ 9.30pm…*shakes head*

Packed, cleared … explored…still exploring d new toy…complicated.

KL – I’ll be der in d next few hrs. Can i leave my uneasiness der? I hope. Impossible.


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